About Us

ย ๐“ฆ๐“ฎ๐“ต๐“ฌ๐“ธ๐“ถ๐“ฎ ๐“ฝ๐“ธ ๐“›๐“ช๐“ซ๐“ธ๐“ป๐“ช๐“ฝ๐“ธ๐“ป๐”‚ ๐“’๐“ธ๐“ฐ๐“ท๐“ฒ๐”ƒ๐“ช๐“ท๐“ฌ๐“ฎ!

We are a team of laboratory professionals dedicated to providing high-quality laboratory services and assistance to laboratory learners and practitioners. Our team is led by ๐“•๐“ช๐“ฑ๐“ช๐“ญ ๐“๐“ท๐”€๐“ช๐“ป, also known as ๐“‘๐“ช๐“ซ๐“ช๐“ฒ, who is a skilled ๐“›๐“ช๐“ซ๐“ธ๐“ป๐“ช๐“ฝ๐“ธ๐“ป๐”‚ ๐“๐“ผ๐“ผ๐“ฒ๐“ผ๐“ฝ๐“ช๐“ท๐“ฝ at BACQ in the ๐““๐“ฎ๐“น๐“ช๐“ป๐“ฝ๐“ถ๐“ฎ๐“ท๐“ฝ ๐“ธ๐“ฏ ๐“Ÿ๐“ต๐“ช๐“ท๐“ฝ ๐“Ÿ๐“ช๐“ฝ๐“ฑ๐“ธ๐“ต๐“ธ๐“ฐ๐”‚ in Quetta, Pakistan.

At Laboratory Cognizance, we understand the importance of laboratory safety, accuracy, and precision. With our extensive knowledge of laboratory procedures and scientific processes, we are committed to ensuring that all laboratory experiments and processes are carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail. As a ๐“›๐“ช๐“ซ ๐“๐“ผ๐“ผ๐“ฒ๐“ผ๐“ฝ๐“ช๐“ท๐“ฝ, ๐“‘๐“ช๐“ซ๐“ช๐“ฒ has a keen awareness of laboratory operations and is well-versed in following strict safety guidelines and established protocols to ensure accurate data collection and analysis.

Our teamโ€™s duties include preparing lab experiments, tracking and monitoring plant growth, analyzing experimental data, maintaining and calibrating lab equipment, contributing to sterile lab conditions, assisting with sample collection and treatment, and compiling laboratory results for analysis. We take pride in our expertise and knowledge of laboratory procedures, which has given us the confidence to pursue freelancing.

At Laboratory Cognizance, we value communication, organization, and attention to detail. We are passionate about using our skills and experience to help laboratory learners and practitioners achieve their goals. We understand the challenges that come with laboratory work and are committed to making the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Thank you for visiting Laboratory Cognizance, where we prioritize laboratory safety, efficiency, and excellence in all aspects of laboratory work. We look forward to working with you and assisting you in your laboratory journey!